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Poisoning is a common, preventable, medical emergency. Each year about 500 children in the United States die from poisoning. Children are naturally inquisitive and curious and will open drawers and doors and find toxic materials. Make sure that anything potentially dangerous is locked up and out of reach (never underestimate a two year old!!).

The most common ingestants are medicines, gasoline and other petroleum products, furniture polish, household cleaning products, and Drano-like products. All are potentially lethal and should besafely stored high and away from children. Don’t store dangerous material in friendly containers, such as gasoline in a Coke bottle. Make sure your purse is empty of medications or not available.

If you suspect an ingestion-call the INDIANA POISON CENTER AT 1-800-222-1222. Put this number on an emergency list by your phone. Identify the drug or chemical that was ingested. Have the bottle next to you when you call and estimate the amount taken.

Indiana Poison Center:

  • Emergency: (800) 222-1222
  • Emergency TTY: (317) 929-2336